This article will walk you through how to mass create registration events/shifts. 

Required access: 

You will need the Registration Administrator access level. 

How to get there: 

  • Go to Admin Member Management 
  • Select Registration Tool Manager 
  • Click Manage next to the Registration Tool you want to add events/shifts to 
  • Click Mass Create in the top navigation under Manage


  • From the homepage, hover over Calendar 
  • Select the Registration Calendar you are adding to. 
  • From there, in the top editor bar of the calendar under Manage, click Mass Create 

Locations should be added first in Registration Tool Manager > Add Location before creating shifts/events/meetings.

Steps to be taken: 

You can first choose a previous Mass Create template if you have mass created shifts/events before. If you are not using a template, you'll follow the steps below. 

  1. Enter the name of the Registrations (for example, General Meeting) 
  2. Add an Event Description to provide information to registrants about the shift/event [this is an optional step] 
  3. Enter the maximum numbers of attendees allowed to sign up in Max Reservations 
  4. If the registration has a minimum number of volunteers needed enter this number in Min Reservations [this is an optional step] 
  5. If the registration is restricted to a particular group, you can select an access group to restrict sign up to in the Restrict Sign Up To dropdown [this is an optional step] 
  6. If you'd like to have a waitlist, you can do so by choosing 'Yes' from the Enable Wait List dropdown [this is an optional step]
  7. You can also Add a Document that registrants can download [this is an optional step] 
  8. Add an Event Image allows you to upload a photo for your registration shift/event [this is an optional step]

  9. If you'd like to specify the location of the registration event/shift, you can choose from a pre-built list of locations in the Location fragment (optional)
  10. If you'd like to manually enter a location you can do so in the Other Location fragment (optional)

11. Next you will choose the dates and times of the shifts/events you are creating. As you select the various dates and times, the individual shifts/events will be created for those chosen days and times.

12. You will first Select Shift Date(s) and choose from the calendar the days. You can choose multiple days. The selections will populate in the Shift Date(s) field.

13. Next you will Select Shift Time(s). After selecting the time span you can click Add Shift Times. You can choose multiple times. The selections will populate in the Shift Time(s) field.

14. If you would like to add another shift schedule, you can click the Plus sign at the bottom of the scheduler.

15. If your shifts/events have a coordinator, you can choose a name in the Primary Coordinator field. This person will then receive the following notification emails

  • Notification of Cancellation
  • Notification of Registration
  • Waitlist

16. You can then enter in the phone number and email of the Coordinator

17. The Primary Coordinator Email To Send dropdown allows you to choose to email the Coordinator at the email they have on their account, the email you entered, or both.

18. You can add a Secondary Coordinator if the shifts/events have more than one Coordinator.

19. You can expand the Advanced section to add additional optional fields.

20. Sign Up Start Days Before is where you define how soon before a event/shift starts a person can sign up (ie, if you want people to only be able to sign up a week before a shift, you would enter the number 7)

21. Sign Up End Days Before is where you define how soon before a event/shift starts that sign up is closed. (ie, if you want people to not be able to sign up within 3 days of the event, you would type 3)

22. Other Site Registration URL is where you can provide a hyperlink to an outside site for users to register (ie, a city event where the sign up is on an external site) NOTE: this will not note any sort of registration/attendance, etc on your Member Essentials site

23. Type is where you can pick your registration type. The options are Sign Up, Information Only, RSVP.

24. Calendar Color is where you can customize the color of the event when it appears on the calendar. NOTE: this will override the system default colors (ie, the registration shows as blue when open, green when you are registered, yellow if you're on the waitlist, etc.

25. Click Create Shifts