This article will walk you through how to create and edit a registration event/shift after a registration tool has been created. To create a registration tool, follow the steps in this article: Creating a Registration Calendar Through The Wizard

Required access:

You will need the Registration Administrator access level.

How to get there:

  • Go to Admin > Member Management
  • Select Registration Tool Manager
  • Click Manage next to the Registration Tool you want to add events/shifts to 

Steps to be taken:

Frequently used locations should be added first in Registration Tool Manager > Add Location before creating shifts/events/meetings. For one time locations, use Other Location.

1. Click Add Registration Event

2. Add a Registration Name

3. Add an Event Description (optional)

4. Add a Document (optional)

5. Add an Event Image (optional) - the recommend image size is around 222x222 px. If you choose to sync this over to the Public Site, this will be the ideal size.

Adding Reservation Information

1. Enter the maximum numbers of attendees allowed to sign up in Max Reservations

2. If the registration has a minimum number of members needed enter this number in Min Reservations (optional)

3. If the registration is restricted to a particular group, you can select an access group to restrict sign up to in the Restrict Sign Up To dropdown (optional)

4. If you'd like to have a waitlist, you can do so by choosing 'Yes' from the Enable Wait List dropdown (optional)

Adding Location Information

1. If you'd like to specify the location of the registration event/shift, you can choose from a pre built list of locations in the Location fragment (optional)

2. If you'd like to manually enter a location you can do so in the Other Location fragment (optional)

3. To add a link to a Zoom meeting, click on the link icon and enter your Zoom meeting link. Members can join a meeting by clicking on this link from the event page.

Defining When the Event/Shift Begins 

  • Start Date/Time (required) is where you can select the date of when the registration event/shift should start
  • Sign Up Start Days Before is where you define how soon before a event/shift starts a person can sign up, based on the Start Date/Time 
    • e.g. if you want people to only be able to sign up a week before an event/shift, you would enter the number 7 here

Defining When the Event/Shift Ends

  • End Date/Time (required) is where you can select the date of when the registration event/shift should end
  • Sign Up End Days Before is where you define how soon before the event/shift that sign up ends, based on the End Date/Time 
    • e.g. if you want to close the registration for an event/shift one day before it ends, you would enter the number 1 here

Primary Coordinator

This is where you can set up an individual to receive admin notifications for this specific event/shift only. This is not required to create an event/shift. They will receive the following notification emails

  • Notification of Cancellation
  • Notification of Registration
  • Waitlist

To activate notifications, make sure the Set the Send Notification of Cancellation Email Days Before and Send Notification of Registration Email Days Before is set with a value like 14 in the setup of the Registration Tool, which can be found under Advanced - Notification of Cancellation and Advanced - Notification of Registration.

Primary Coordinator: Choose from a list of volunteers a person to be a coordinator for the event/shift.

Primary Coordinator Phone: Enter in the phone number of the coordinator

Primary Coordinator Email: Enter in the email address of the coordinator

Send coordinator registration, cancel, and waitlist notification emails at the following email: Choose if the coordinator should receive notifications at the email on their profile or the one listed above. Here are the options from the dropdown:

  • None: Coordinator will not be sent notification emails.
  • Account: Email will be sent to the email the coordinator has on their profile.
  • Email: Email will be sent to the email entered in the 'Coordinator Email' field.
  • Both: Email will be sent to both the email the coordinator has on their profile and the email entered in the 'Coordinator Email' field.

Secondary Coordinator: Choose from a list of members a person to be a coordinator for the event/shift.

Advanced Features

Other Site Registration URL is where you can provide a hyperlink to an outside site for users to register (ie, a city event where the sign up is on an external site) NOTE: this will not note any sort of registration/attendance, etc on your Member Essentials site.

Type is where you can pick your registration type. The options are Sign Up, Information Only, RSVP.

Calendar Color is where you can customize the color of the event when it appears on the calendar. NOTE: this will override the system default colors (ie, the registration shows as blue when open, green when you are registered, yellow if you're on the wait-list, etc.

Advanced - Requirements

You can use this to credit for attending this event/shift should go towards.

Type indicates which Credit Type is awarded for attending this event/shift.

The Amount field is used to indicate how much credit should be awarded.

After selecting or entering values in the above fields, click +Add Credit in the Actions column.

To watch the video tutorial: Video - Edit and Add a Meeting to the Meetings Calendar